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Intelligent Automatic Soap Sanitizer Dispenser Hands Free Motion Sensor

Intelligent Automatic Soap Sanitizer Dispenser Hands Free Motion Sensor

Intelligent Automatic Soap Sanitizer Dispenser Hands Free Motion Sensor

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The Intelligent Automatic Soap Sanitizer Dispenser Hands-Free Motion Sensor

This trendy looking automatic soap dispenser pump with built-in infrared motion sensor is so simple to use, with a hands-free soap dispenser, you merely need to stick your palm out and voila! You acquire the soap you need immediately.

The dispenser boasts of an intelligent sensing design which allows you to get soap liquid without touching the soap dispenser, this results in a cleaner and more hygienic hand wash, eliminating any bacterial contamination.

Eco-friendly and a money-saver. Dispensers like this Touchless Soap Dispenser are user-friendly and refillable. So besides preventing you from acquiring lots of soaps in plastic containers, it also conserves your cash by giving constant, exact amounts.

Germ-buster. This anti-bacterial soap dispenser can avoid pathogens from distributing from one hand to another. Damaging bacteria could disperse in public places like such as well as your residence. This is the primary reason why nowadays, having a sensor-activated soap dispenser is a sensible idea!

Remarkably hassle-free. You could neglect the suggestion of acquiring one if you haven't attempted utilizing an automatic soap dispenser yet. But similar to others, once you start utilizing them, there is a high likelihood that you won't clean your hands without them in the future. Considering the benefit, ability, and mobility to avoid dispersing of pathogens, you will most likely miss it and really hope that you have one in the home.

Functions for children, as well. Youngsters enjoy anything techie and this does not leave out the automatic soap dispenser. They could be encouraged to clean their hands a lot more often once they view exactly how remarkable its functions are.

The Intelligent Automatic Soap Sanitizer Dispenser Hands-Free:

  1. Automatic Liquid soap dispenser, make it easier than ever to maintain high standards of hygiene when washing your hand.
  2. An electronic sensor ensures that the soap is automatically pumped out without having to touch the dispenser.
  3. The distance from the sensor to the hand is 2-3 inches(5cm) is appropriate.
  4. Full waterproof design, washable.
  5. Anti-infrared interference.
  6. Release 1ML each time, if you need more, wait for 2 seconds, liquid soap will be released again.
  7. Practical and universal for home/hotel bathroom and toilet.


  • Name: Automatic Soap Dispenser
  • Material: ABS
  • Color: White
  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Size: 70 x 94 x 188 mm
  • Power: 4Pcs AAA Battery(Not Included)


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