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Magnetic Privacy Case

Magnetic Privacy Case

Magnetic Privacy Case

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Are you always worried your phone is being peeked on? That your mobile banking and payment information will be seen and taken? Afraid that someone always has eyes on your phone screen when you're in public?

We made the perfect solution. Keep all sensitive information protected and secret. Your phone will never be peeked on by others with our Magnetic iPhone Privacy Case. A high grade fully protective case with anti-spy privacy technology all in one! What's not to love?

This case applies micro louver optical technology to block side views and fully blacken the screen. It's only visible to people who directly face the screen. Magnetic Privacy Case Securely protects your information including bank info, passwords, photos, chat messages, videos, or anything you are viewing.

Edge-to-edge 9H grade tempered glass with a full metal frame provides 360° full protection for your device with excellent anti-scratching, dust-free, and bubble-free properties.


    Specially designed for those who want to keep their personal and sensitive information safe from being peeped by strangers. Feel safe to enter passwords, view bank info, photos, chat messages and videos in public areas.

    With multi-point magnetic adsorption technology, the metal frame automatically snaps into place for the easiest and quickest installation.

    The screen can only be seen from the front within 45° from the sides after applying this case.

    Engineered with 9H hardness tempered glass with anti-fingerprint, anti-scratching, and dust-free features.

    Designed with precise cutouts to fully cover while fitting perfectly with all the ports and buttons on all iPhone models with no signal interruption.
    Coated with hydrophobic and oleophobic clear layer, the glass protects against sweat and oil residue from fingerprints and keep your phone screen pristine all day long.
    The magnetic and adhesive-free design prevents bubbles caused by traditional adhesive phone cases.

    Designed without blocking any wireless signals, such as GPS, Wi-Fi or data and reception. The case is also fully wireless charging supported.

Don't Be Afraid! Our powerful technology will protect you in every aspect of privacy!


  • Material: High-Quality Clarity Premium 9H Anti Peep Tempered Glass, Metal frame, Magnets
  • Color: Black, Red, Silver, Gold, Blue, Green


  • 1 x Magnetic Privacy Case

Question: How is the effect of anti-peeping?
Answer: Excellent. It works exactly as it is supposed to and blocks the view of people around you trying to peep! I hated going in public and having to look at sensitive and my personal information, but now strangers can't see anything!

Question: Does it reduce the screen brightness?
Answer: It doesn't reduce the brightness. Everything looks the same, the only difference is that it blocks the view of the people around.

Question: Does the face recognition still work with this case?
Answer: Yes it works perfectly for facial recognition, the screen doesn’t block any actions. Had no issues.

Question: Does it look good with your phone?
Answer: It looks sleek and professional with all of the benefits of privacy and protection in one effective case.

Question: How strong is the magnetic hold?
Answer: Super strong and secure. I love how it snaps in so smooth too if you want to unlock it and lift. I highly recommend it to anyone that uses their phone daily.

Question: Is this screen protector worth buying?
Answer: It’s perfect. I have used others that didn’t endure my labor-intensive schedule. It has taken a significant amount of falls, bangs and drags and still works the exact same. I've had for a year now. Satisfied.


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